January 29, 2021

Content in 2021: It’s time to connect again


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Hey there,

Happy New Year! Can you believe we’ve (finally) said ‘see ya’ to 2020 and ‘hello’ to 2021?

Although the COVID-19 madness isn’t over just yet, it forever changed how we connect with ourselves and the world around us. What makes people tick is now worlds away from what it was a year ago. If content in 2020 was about helping audiences navigate a COVID-19 world, 2021 is about reconnecting with them again.

Here are some content tips to help build authenticity in a post-COVID landscape.

Showcase your social impact

One of the biggest takeaways from last year’s Edelman Trust Barometer was that ethics are more important than competence when it comes to trusting companies. Safe to say, the age of conscious consumerism has well and truly arrived. Audiences are paying closer attention to what good brands are doing for the world. In response, social impact storytelling should be a key component of any content strategy.

Whether it’s sustainability, diversity and inclusion or any other social/environmental issue, impact storytelling is a fantastic way to build rapport with audiences by humanising your brand.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these campaigns from PatagoniaIkea and Levi’s.

Polish your virtual event skills

In 2020, the world was just getting acquainted with virtual events. So in 2021, organisations should be looking to lift their game.

Next time you plan a webinar, try to pre-record your talk and go live for Q&A after. The audio and video quality are far superior to livestream, and you can also add polish with proper editing, transitions and graphics.

Going beyond the classic presentation with a game or two (did someone say Bingo?) can be a great idea too. These simple touches will go a long way to keeping your audience engaged. They’ll appreciate the extra mile you’ve gone to make them feel heard and connected, too.

Develop immersive virtual content and experiences

Even though many of us have been out of lockdown for a while now, our homebody habits may have changed significantly. So, organisations shouldn’t slow down on creating engaging branded content and experiences that are accessible from home. Think things like voice content, virtual gigs, and AR/VR experiences that allow people to shop your service.

After all, keeping some experiences digital helps audiences form a strong connection with an online community. It also brings more brands and experiences into the home, which can be far more accessible for some — who’s to say we won’t be told to stay inside again?

What you can do to connect with your customers on a deeper level

Building authentic connections with customers doesn’t happen with a snap of the fingers. It’s about finding that sweet spot with your content and communicating a message that speaks to them. At Avion, we’re passionate about creating content that communicates at a deeper level.

If you’d like to strengthen your connection with your customers through killer content, we’re all ears. Get in touch with us today

Until next time,

Ali & the Avion team



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