Brochure Copy and Design for Texas Not-For-Profit, Capital City Innovation









Capital City Innovation is an Austin-based not-for-profit, focused on bringing together leading health, life sciences and technology partners to steward the future of healthcare. As an emerging not-for-profit, it’s focused on creating a new epicentre for health and technology leaders to explore ideas and produce innovative solutions to global problems. This epicentre is the Austin Innovation District – a place for essential research to emerge and like-minded communities to connect.

With such an immense mission ahead of it, Capital City Innovation needed assistance sharing its vision for the exciting Innovation District venture. While the foundation for the district and its flagship building – Block 164 – had been laid, the marketing messages weren’t connecting effectively with the needs of potential partners. This is where Avion stepped in.

As we were setting our sights on developments in the US market, we jumped at the chance to work closely with Capital City Innovation Executive Director, Christopher Laing. Auditing existing content marketing materials, we transformed them to resonate with the healthcare, technology and life sciences partners destined to call Austin’s Innovation District home.


With a wealth of information to draw on, we started by collaborating with Chris and his team on what the ideal outcome for this project should look like. Collectively, we decided that the existing collateral needed to be revisited to form a complete marketing package Capital City Innovation could be proud to go to market with.

We strategically selected existing information to fall into distinct categories, bolstering three separate yet complementary pieces of collateral: everything about Central Texas, all that’s great about Austin, and a spotlight on the Innovation District’s rising star, Block 164.

Once we had decided on our winning collateral, it was up to Avion to work our communication magic. By flexing our copyediting and copywriting muscles, we clarified the complex messaging and helped make the Innovation District a more compelling sell to potential partners. We did this by ensuring the messaging for each piece worked as individual communication points, and as a complete marketing strategy. In targeting a more scientific audience, we knew we had to walk a fine line to keep the language informative yet exciting, technical but still approachable, and inspirational while also achievable.

Next, we partnered with a visual designer to marry the updated content with a new branding guideline and designs for the three pieces of collateral. Working with Chris and his team, we ensured each key stakeholder’s requests had been addressed and the revamped collateral was ready to go to market.


The end result was a succinct, creative and targeted campaign with marketing copy that appeals to the wants and needs of healthcare and technology innovators. Working closely with Capital City Innovation, we successfully transformed a previously disparate collection of technical, marketing and branding copy into three interconnected and powerful pieces of marketing collateral.

We were able to deliver this collateral in record time for Capital City Innovation to launch at a highly attended real estate event in December 2019. We’re delighted with the outcome of this project and look forward to witnessing Austin’s Innovation District come to life over the coming years.

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