Conversational Content for a Global Voice-Command Device

Defining human-bot interaction for Australian audiences








Voice-activated virtual assistants may be used around the world, but such technology is typically built and designed for customers in the United States.

Cultural factors such as accent and slang can significantly impact the user experience. Intent can be misconstrued depending on whether the AI can recognize foreign sounds or words. 

To help a world-renowned player increase adoption rates of its smart speaker in Australia, Avion was brought on board to develop localized content. The aim of the project was to expand the software’s vocabulary – and consequently improve its footprint Down Under. 


Avion has strong experience drafting dialogue for chat-based technology and other human-bot interactions (see our NIKSA Retail Robotics case study). 

Applying our knowledge and expertise of conversational design, we picked up everyday scenarios that an Aussie might need help with (for example, finding out whether the expiry date on a gift card can be extended, or whether a particular food court has outdoor seating). Our task was to then craft an extensive set of utterances to match the user’s intent. In other words, we developed a library of the many different ways an Aussie would ask exactly the same question. 

An understanding of machine learning was critical for this project; all variations we developed had to be both readable and scalable. The content we created carefully considered categories and relevant data, such as numbers and dates.


Moving as quickly as possible from sprint to sprint, we delivered 935 utterances in one week. The sheer volume and speed at which the work needed to be produced was a challenge, but the use of online tools including Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Google sheets, allowed us to keep up momentum. 

With offices in Australia and the United States, it made perfect sense for Avion to contribute to this project. We’re now proud to have given a smart speaker the words it needed to grow into international markets. 

If you’re a global company looking to scale in Australia or the US, ask us about our local content expertise. Contact Avion today. 

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